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Golf Tips - Good Gear and Sportsmanship

Author: Trevor Mulholland

If you are just getting into the sport of golf, you have probably heard thousands of golf tips from well-meaning golfers. However, what many golfers fail to realize is that many of the golf tips that work well for one golfer, simply do not work well for another. Here are some golf tips that work well for everyone.

As a beginner, do not rush out and buy a set of high priced clubs. Buy a set of used clubs, or better yet rent your clubs. Take a little time to see if you really enjoy the game of golf, and if you will stick to it first. The used or rented clubs won't be the top of the line, but they will get you through several games of golf to see if you are going to stick with it. This is also a good opportunity to start researching exactly what clubs you need when you are ready to buy a new set.

Golf is fun, but the sport should not be taken lightly. It is a sport - it isn't just a bunch of retired men knocking a ball around. It takes a great deal of skill and technique to master the game. The pros you see on television make it look quite simple - but it isn't. The concepts you will learn from more experienced golfers will sound easy - and look easy - in theory, but in practice, they are quite difficult. The sooner you realize this, the faster you will start to improve your game.

While golf does require skill and technique, it is still meant to be enjoyed and the experience should be relaxing. If you get angry over bad shots or you find that you are not enjoying the game, you should back up and re-evaluate your reasons for playing the game. Try to look at things from a new perspective. It is a game that tests your skill - but it should not test your patience!

Choose your golf aids carefully. A great deal of money can be wasted on aids, courses, and videos that turn out to not be any help at all. When possible, buy used aids, courses, and videos. Save your golfing money for more important things - like clubs, balls, and tees! Used clubs aren't very good - used training equipment usually works quite well.

Golf is great exercise. Riding in a golf cart defeats that purpose though. Walk, don't ride! Save the cart for the days when you really are too old to walk a short distance - take advantage of the exercise that you will get by walking from one tee to the next, and take the time to actually enjoy the walk!

Alcohol is often served at the clubhouse - but you should wait until you finish your round of golf before consuming any. First, the alcohol will greatly alter your game. Second, alcohol is a dehydrating substance, and this isn't safe in the hot sun. Carry water with you during your game, and make sure you drink plenty of it!

Becoming good at the game takes a lot of practice. Use your practice sessions to learn what mistakes you are making, and work to correct them. Don't just keep making the same mistakes over and over, thinking that it doesn't matter, or that it is too hard to learn! If you're going to play, play to win!

Use training aids, and if possible, video tape yourself playing a round of golf, making sure that you get close up shots of you teeing off, close up shots of the club hitting the ball on the tee-off, and even shots of you putting. Have a friend run the camera for you for best results, and review the tape in slow motion to see what needs the most work.

The most important golf tips you will ever receive are the ones that focus on good sportsmanship. Never make fun of other players. Some people do look funny playing golf - but those funny looking people can probably beat every aspect of your game, and they will have the last laugh. Be respectful of your fellow golfers, and listen closely to the advice of the seasoned players.

About the author:
Golf-game-tip.com provides you with information on the best golf tips available, instructions on how to get your strokes down and much more! http://www.golf-game-tip.com/

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