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Five Of Florida's Best Golf Destinations

Florida offers some of the best golfing in the United States, and in this article we're going to inform you about five of Florida's golf hot spots. They are probably all worth considering for your next golfing excursion. All five of these destinations have their own unique things to offer the golfing enthusiast and many offer things other than golf, if you're looking to take a break from golf for a day.

Brooksville, Florida At first glance, Brooksville hardly seems like an area that you might plan your next golf trip. It is a bit remote (forty miles north of Tampa and almost seventy miles northwest of Orlando). In reality, this is one of the best golf destinations that the sunshine state has to offer. There are 17 golf courses in the county that Brooksville lies in, so there are plenty of opportunities for great golf within miles of the beautiful town of Brooksville.

Daytona Beach, Florida This town is probably most well known for the five hundred mile NASCAR race that most everyone has heard of. The Daytona 500. The area and city is also a golf ho bed. How about over fifteen golf clubs within miles of Daytona Beach? There is more than enough golf to be had in the Daytona Beach area. And you can take a day to catch that great NASCAR race as well.

Miami, Florida When most people think of Miami they think of beautiful beaches, greater shopping, and the nightlife. Many people don't picture great golf, but they should. Going to Miami and not teeing it up would be like going to Paris and not seeing the Louve. It simply makes no sense. The golf around Miami is simply exceptional. Just do a search for Miami golf.

Ft. Meyers, Florida Two of the greatest inventors America has ever known ended up in the same area. Fort Meyers Florida. And who were these two great Americans who left the cold and snow for better weather? Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. Golf may not have been the reason, but they ended up in the Fort Meyer's area anyway. And with the gold opportunities that abound there today, you may want to follow their lead. How do over thirty five golf courses in the Fort Meyers area sound? Yea, that sounds pretty good to me as well.

St Augustine, Florida In addition to being America's oldest city, St. Augustine is home to a number of truly outstanding golf courses. You can also experience all of the memorabilia that the World Golf Hall of Fame has to offer while you visit this lovely city. Hey, if you need a day away from the links, there is even an IMAX Theater located in St. Augustine.

Any one of these beautiful Florida cities's has everything any golfer would ever want. Check them out and see what you think.

Trevor Kugler
Trevor has more than 20 years of golfing experience and likes to write reviews of various golf systems.
http://www.flawlessswing.com - helping golfers around the world work towards the infamous flawless golf swing.

email - tk@flawlessswing.com

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