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Three Top Key West Diving Locations
by Christine OKelly

If you're vacationing in Key West, you'll find the possibilities for snorkeling and diving are almost endless. The coral reefs and shipwrecks that line the coast around the island provide numerous opportunities for exploring, learning, and appreciating the stunning difference between life above and below the water.

One of the local dive centers will provide you with the information and training needed for this amazing experience. If you're planning to visit this island destination, make sure you put Key West diving on your list of things to do. This article looks at three of the top diving locations that will offer an adventure to remember.

The Cayman Salvager Shipwreck

Built in 1937, the Cayman Salvager has a questioned past. The boat's beginnings are unclear, but it allegedly became a cable layer, buoy tender, and eventually a freighter. Experts question these claims, but no one can confirm or deny them. The mystique and history of this boat continues even to this day.

The documented past of the Cayman Salvager shows it was involved transporting Cuban refugees to the United States in 1979. Since this was illegal, authorities seized the boat and it sank shortly thereafter. Authorities lifted the boat from the ocean floor and stripped it in an attempt to move it to a dock to serve as a fishing site, but on the way to its resting place, the boat sank again, where it still sits today. Residing underneath only 90 feet of water, the Cayman Salvager is now home to a plethora of sea life and is a favorite diving spot for many scuba divers.

The Nine Foot Stake Shipwreck

If you're in a group where not everyone is scuba certified, the Nine Foot Stake shipwreck is ideal because you can also enjoy this shallow water wreck when snorkeling. Since snorkeling doesn't require certification, anyone can see this shallow shipwreck.

You'll see how nature can quickly stake a claim to overcome everything in her underwater domain at this wreck. The shallow resting place makes it the perfect setting for taking some underwater photographs of hermit crab, anemones, tropical fish, brain coral, and other residents of the wreck.

Sand Key Nature Area

A great spot for Key West diving and snorkeling, Sand Key is part of the nature area known as the Sanctuary Preservation Area. Also including Eastern Dry Rocks and Rock Key, you'll find some amazing underwater experiences here.

Because of the effect of the weather and current tide conditions in the water surrounding the island, each dive in Sand Key is unique. You'll find a variety of brilliant sea life congregating in the reef circling the area. Another fun adventure is exploring the light tower, which provides incredible views of the island and serves as a landmark for people looking for Sand Key.

When going on a scuba adventure, you are sure to find plenty of excitement and natural beauty to enjoy at any of these three diving locations.

About the Author

Christine O'Kelly writes for the experts at Key West Dive Center. They provide information on Key West diving and much more.

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