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Key West Snorkeling Is Hard To Beat
by Christine OKelly

If you've decided to jump in the water to fully immerse yourself in a Key West snorkeling adventure, one thing is for sure, the over 400 species of stunning coral and tropical fish you'll see when exploring the shallows of this living reef will mesmerize you. A snorkeling adventure in this island paradise is hard to beat as you'll see when witnessing the spectacular living reef that is captivating wherever you look.

To ensure visiting the top snorkeling spots around the island, book a spot with one of the island's charter companies. A 30-foot charter is perfect for zipping around the island to the smaller, lesser-known spots the large boats can't get to. If you want to snorkel in luxury, consider a 78-foot charter catamaran where you can enjoy amenities as you sit back and cruise with the wind in your hair.

Whether you choose larger, well-known spots, or smaller, secluded spots, you'll still see plenty of amazing sights on your Key West snorkeling adventure. If you're up for the ultimate experience, take both charters so you visit all of the top underwater areas. You'll enjoy twice as much adventure as you explore the incredible marine life in the crystal blue water of this island paradise.

Other Attractions

When you're not in the water, you might want to enjoy some of the other attractions of this tropical destination. From fine restaurants and unique shops to comfortable hotels and intriguing museums, you'll find plenty to enjoy on land.

For a fun day out, take the Conch Tour train ride around the island. The comfortable open seating gives you a fun way to see the island without even having to walk or drive anywhere. Kids love this train ride and it's a great way to enjoy just sitting back to relax. A visit to the Aquarium is always exciting. You'll not only see marine life, but they have a touching pool and you can also witness the thrill of shark feeding. At the end of the day, get back into the water as you take a sunset cruise. You can enjoy the peace and tranquility of the setting sun as you float along in luxury.

Snorkeling To Scuba

While snorkeling is an incredible adventure, some people want to take it a step further by scuba diving to the ocean floor. Snorkeling doesn't require any certification, but scuba diving does so you'll have to head to one of the local dive centers for a certification course. Certification is easy and thousands of people become certified here every year, but it does take a few days, so plan to attend the course early in your trip. You can also get the materials in advance if you think you might want to scuba dive so you can go ahead and complete the bookwork before arriving.

Whether you decide to stick with snorkeling or advance to scuba diving, you definitely enjoy your underwater experience in this island paradise.

About the Author

Christine O'Kelly writes for the experts at Key West Dive Center. They provide information on Key West snorkeling and much more.

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