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Pinellas Trail

The Pinellas Trail - Florida's West Coast Jewel
By Robert Lipply

The Tampa Bay area of Florida contains some of the most naturally spectacular landscapes and coastline not found anywhere else in the world. The panoramic vistas that can be seen by sea, air, and land, draws scores of visitors to the area every year and many of these visitors decide to remain on as residents of this sun blessed real estate.

Governmental agencies and residents alike recognize that the natural resources of Florida’s West Coast are a treasure and must be protected so that generations to come will also be able to experience the exquisite beauty of this area. Conservation is vital to protecting these resources and recycling plays a huge role in the conservation of these precious resources.

No where is the concept of recycling for the protection and preservation of land and other resources more evident than in Pinellas County, Florida, and its coveted Pinellas Trail.

This trail, which is formally known as the “Fred E. Marquis Pinellas Trail,” spans some 30 miles between the cities of Tarpon Springs and St. Petersburg, in the Pinellas County Florida region. This west coast jewel is a straight throughway which is used both as a park and for recreational activities. Many homes, condos, and subdivisions have grown up around the trail for the convenience and enjoyment of Tampa Bay home buyers. Homes situated on the Pinellas Trail have steadily increased in value because this is such a popular place to be.

The Pinellas Trail was created by converting an old rail line into what has become a truly magnificent area for picnicking, walking, running, cycling, and even skating. The first portion of the trail first became available for use by residents and visitors in 1990. Since that time there have been three additional sections of the trail completed. Converting of the old railway continues today, and it is projected that eventually the Pinellas Trail will be more than 45 miles in length.

Meticulous landscaping performed by the Pinellas County Parks & Recreation Department, which absorbs the costs associated with operating the park as well as handling the maintenance of the Pinellas Trail has enhanced the natural beauty of the area. Improvements such as installing drinking fountains and benches throughout the trail are welcome additions for the enjoyment of the Pinellas Trail for residents and visitors

Having the availability of the Pinellas Trail and its natural and beautiful views, as well as the many opportunities for engaging in recreational activities has increased the value of surrounding lands, and homes. Owning real estate in the Pinellas County, Florida situated on the Pinellas Trail has become a valuable asset for home buyers and investors alike.

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